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ISC2 Cleveland Chapter

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or ISC2 is an international nonprofit membership association focusing on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. ISC2 offers a variety of cybersecurity certification programs and educational resources to help professionals in the field. Additionally, ISC2 has a network of local chapters worldwide that serve as a platform for members to connect, share knowledge, and further their professional development in cybersecurity.

The Cleveland chapter offers events and resources for current and future ISC2 members in the Northeastern Ohio area.

The ISC2 Cleveland Chapter March Meeting
Tuesday, March 26th at 5:30 PM at TrustedSec.
Topic: Fun-damentals of Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is a structured technique for identifying security flaws in the design of a system by focusing on potential threats. In other words, by asking the question, "What could possibly go wrong?" This presentation will give a brief introduction to the fundamentals of threat modeling using STRIDE. To reinforce some of these fundamentals, there will be a fun "class participation" exercise in which the audience will help build a threat model by identifying threats to a purely fictional IoT medical device - The HacmeMed Drip-O-Matic 2112 Infusion Pump.


Speaker: Chris Bush, CISSP

Chris is an application security consultant and researcher with extensive experience in IT and information security consulting and solutions delivery. His primary area of expertise is application security, including performing web and mobile application penetration testing, secure code review, architecture security assessments, and threat modeling.


He has been a contributing member of the information security community for over two decades, having served as a volunteer for OWASP as a Technical Project Advisor, and as an officer of the ISC2 Cleveland Chapter. He has been a huge supporter of the Cleveland Information Security Summit, having attended every single conference since its inception, and is a regular speaker at the event.


He lives in Berea, OH, where many of the best area security professionals are from.


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